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    I looked over the differences between the Genesis through Deuteronomy & Ancient Egypt History handbook first edition and second edition.  I noticed that the daily lesson plans went from 3 days/week to 5 days/week. I suppose I have a thought/question… I’ve noticed that a lot of homeschoolers do 4 days/week of a set schedule and then leave Fridays for catch up, a nature day, field trips, etc. I am inclined to set up my schedule the same way, only scheduling Bible, Scripture memory and maybe some singing on Friday mornings. Otherwise I’ve thought Fridays would be a great day to ensure as much time in nature as possible.

    So, with that in mind I would have 12 extra lessons that would not be completed at the end of a typical 12-week term. (This since there are 5 daily lesson plans per week now). Those extra 12 lessons would mean three extra 4-day weeks added on to each term for us if I were to follow everything to a “T”. And while I’m flexible and open to changes in a lot of areas, if I’m going to invest in the handbook (I want to!) and follow it, I want to stay on track. 

    What I’m realizing is that I almost wish I could choose the 3 days/week lesson plans. This way I could keep up and add 1 day/week for American History studies, as I intend to do some living books focusing on American History alongside anyways. 

    Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations about how I could go about keeping history in my 4-day scheduled weeks without falling behind?




    blue j


    Here is something else for you to consider, since this is Ancients History, which my family is working through at the moment, the Bible readings are also history, and on days when there are other history readings from Pharaohs or Oxford there isn’t typically a Bible reading on that day. So, when we have had to skip days because of illness or appointments, we’ve been able to double up some readings without overloading the girls.  For reference, my youngest is 10 years old.  So, depending upon your children, you might be able to double up here and there, if you should want to go that route. Also remember that the 12th week is test week, so you can make up some of the readings at that time if you so choose.

    Otherwise, you could do an extra 5 weeks of school time. Perhaps add an extra week and a half to each trimester.  You would go a bit longer in your year that way, but you could always take a week or two break between the trimesters to help keep things light.

    You could also choose to stop when you would normally and work through the last 5 weeks of the previous module before moving on to the next. 

    I’m not sure I was overly helpful to you, but perhaps someone more inspired will chime in as well.

    Blessings on your endeavors,



    It is the lightest and very easy to make a four-day week out of, if you want to. I wouldn’t let the 5-day schedule scare you at all. There’s a sample to download on here so you can tell if it’s adaptable enough for you.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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