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  • Sonya Shafer

    My friend Lisa Pennington just posted this great list of fun things she does to help her (nine) kids when they’re having a rough day. Enjoy!


    These are really excellent.  We should all post them on the fridge.  Now we need a list of resets for moms!  We should work on it.  I propose, in no particular order:


    1.  Keeping the thought of music–and suggest hymns, praise music or whatever else you like.  I keep a list on my ipod I call “Valium”  (relaxing, calming hymns) and one called “Prozac”–cheery, uptempo, happy hymns

    2.  Bubble bath!

    3.  M&M’s  (a quarter cup is about 200 calories, lol)

    4.  Curling up under a blanket and reading Romans 8

    5.  Closing the door to our rooms and having an intense prayer session

    6.  Lighting a lovely scented candle

    7.  Journaling for a few minutes

    8. Taking a 10 minute reading-for-pleasure break

    9.  Calling a good friend for a short chat

    What else can we think of?


    Love it, love it , love it!  Printing and posting this one for sure!


    Thanks for sharing, Sonya!  Just wonderful!


    Loved the article, and Bookworm, I think that I will add a pair of earplugs for me on the days that the kids are having a GREAT time being loud and it is driving me bonkers.  (Too much noise shoves me over the edge).  I love all your ideas…I like to do some of them similtaneously – a bubble bath with relaxing music, a book, a drink of juice in a stemmed glass, a lovely lighted candle and the M&Ms until the water is too cold to be re-warmed for about the fifth time. LOL  I haven’t done all that in about 12 years, since we had the kids… what a nice dream. =)


    I am so going to print that list and hang it on the fridge.  I’d love other suggestions too!

    For moms, I like to the “go to the bathroom”.  Mom, mom, what are you doing in there?  What’s taking so long?  How long will you be in there?  Mom?????  

    Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food in the freezer gives me an unhealthy amount of comfort during trying days.

    Running.  I’m still trying to develop that habit (and love) but my kids are getting old enough now that I can take off for 30 minutes to run in the middle of the day if I need it.  Or a video in the basement if the weather is yucky.  (Counteracts the Ben & Jerry’s)

    Oh, for the kids, sometimes we chuck it all and go for a nature walk.  


    I needed a reset today.Cry


    My husband recently had an accident with out wood splitter and had to have emergency surgery. He is home for 6-8 weeks so our schedule is completely out of order. We definitely need a restart. Thank you so much for posting. We have had a couple of rough weeks leaving us all worn out and tired. We haven’t gotten to do our normal school work load and my chores have doubled. I have to help him with most normal things you would do, so momma has been a little more stressed than normal. I need resetting bad! 🙂

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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