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    So my son just finished learning to read.  He needs some good starter books that will not discourage him.  Can I get some suggestions of things you’ve used.  He is my 1st son that I have taught to read and been in CM.  Looking at what I had done withe my other 2 sons I realized it’s all twaddle.  So now I’m stumped for good, easy read starters.  Also, do you think that because I had started the reading for the older 2 on twaddle may be linked in why I can’t seem to get them to love good books, like they do silly books?  Any insight would be great.

    Thanks, Misty

    Rachel White

    The best two, for high quality children’s lit. from the 19th cen. and early 20th, but won’t discourage him are the Primers from Yesterday’s Classics and Elson. My children love these readers and they remember the stories in them long afterward. and click literature.

    Other very easy ones that are good stories, but they haven’t stuck with them as much, are the Pathway readers.


    Karen Smith

    How wonderful that your son is reading now!

    Here is a list of books and authors my kids enjoyed when they were young readers:

    My Father’s Dragon trilogy by Ruth Stiles Gannett

    Clyde Robert Bulla’s books

    Warton and Morton books by Russell Erickson. These are similar to Frog and Toad but a bit more of a challenge to read.

    Winnie-the-Pooh and The House at Pooh Corner by A. A. Milne


    Thank you, I am looking for books I can get at the library.  We just can’t afford to buy a lot of books.  I will look for the suggestions here and hoping to get more!Misty

    Rachel White

    Most of the Yesterday’s Classics books can be found free at Baldwin Online Children’s Project. The Reading Lit. Primer BY H.Taylor and is there for free, as are other wonderful first reader literature, nature, fables, fairy tales, bios and history books.

    What I do is I go to the Yesterday’s Classics site, pick the books I want to use and then find them at Baldwin and read them from there for free at

    Also, if you check out at your library these books: Books Children Love and The Book Tree (A Christian reference)

    as well as google the “Charlotte Mason Twaddle free list” a by grade list will come up of some most excellent suggestions. I used that list and those books in making our library runs and b-day and Christmas/Hanuakkah lists for family. Also keep a running list handy or even memorized that way when you come across used books at the library sales and other used book stores and aforementioned special days you can get them really cheaply. I can come across some amazing finds at our library’s used book sales section; amazing books for under $1.00


    Let me know if you have any questions!



    I’m not sure if you’re a sonlight fan but they have wonderful suggestions for readers on their site. Most of them are all available at the library. My ds has found most of these selections very enjoyable. You can find a list of readers on the website  Here is a sample of the 2nd grade reader suggestions.

    Frog and Toad and Friends
    Owl at Home
    Hill of Fire
    Titanic Lost and Found
    Wagon Wheels
    The Big Balloon Race
    Mouse Tales
    Daniels Duck
    Nate the Great
    The Fire Cat
    Gregs Microscope
    Frog and Toad all Year
    The Sword in the Tree
    Pompeii Buried Alive
    Amelia Bedelia

    Also, Esby recommended some books from a question I posted about interesting readers. 

    This might be too twaddly for you, but there is a series of early-reader mystery books (very gentle mysteries, not scary) by Crosby Bonsall that I remember my kids liking. Here’s a link to one of the books so you can check it out:

    Im not sure the age of your ds but mine LOVED these books and I found them all at the library!

    Blessings, Misty! Heather

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