1st grade Daily Schedule feedback please

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    Thank you again for all of your suggestions and comments. Great reminders about not being concerned with the four hours, there will be plenty of “real-world” experiences plus “official school” stuff to be able to count it as a full day.

    I like to spread things out doing a little in the morning and the afternoon b/c I get more one on one time with her for things that require more focus for me, like math when the little one is sleeping and younger one is doing quiet time.. It would be nice to have a quiet time for myself during the afternoon, though.

    I also will likely try to do 15 minutes of work and then a break to give the younger ones attention. I think training them is going to be a huge priority this year. I know last year I pushed subjects for too long and her eyes started to glaze over and I was asking too much of the little ones to be patient while I finished up with her. So, believe it or not, this is really toned down from last year.

    FFL and WWE appealed to me b/c it has narration, copywork in it and it tells me exactly what to say and do. I imagine after I”ve had more practice at all this I will become more comfortable doing this on my own–it’s probably not that hard. ; ) I may find it too dry, but I”m going to give it a try. Glad to hear what you had to say pslivlely about leaving out the copy work from FFL so we dont’ have too much of that. The lessons look like they will take less than 15 minutes.

    I know the CM way is to wait on grammar and spelling till later. I was listening to SCM all day seminar DVD yesterday and Sonya said for this to work, you really have to trust Charlotte’s method (or something like that). I had to shut it off then, hope to get back to it soon, but for now, I”m not sure I do trust that part of her method just yet. So for now, I’m going to try a little bit of grammar and spelling. Just a bit afriad of leaving something out. Trying to ease into all this CM!

    I am also going to cut out the Bible at bedtime. AFter going through the MODule 1 guide today, I can see there is plenty of Bible in there and no need for more.

    I think i will try to not have expectations of finsihing everything this year, just sticking more to the time and trying to work on the habit of attention and giving her best effort.

    Thank you again, this is such a great forum!


    Sounds like a good plan to me. =) I’ve found that a lot of our subjects take less than 15 minutes, so what may look like a lot on paper actually goes fairly quickly for us, and hopefully you will find that as well once you actually get into things. Quite honestly math and ‘read and narrate’ type subjects (history, geography, etc) are the only things that ever take us a full 15-20 minutes. For what it’s worth, we do AAS too, and I’ve found it helpful for my dd. Not terribly CM of me, I know, but all that to say not to be afraid to do what is best for your own family.

    Another little rule of thumb I’ve found helpful too, especially when planning and scheduling for my young ones, is to remember that “The goal of a first grade classroom is to whet appetites so students will grow to love books and desire to feed themselves.” I think that came from When Children Love to Learn. That really resonated with me, and I have come back to it again and again when evaluating our schedule and priorities in these early years. I have the tendency to want to do too many good things, and this helps to keep me from overdoing it.

    Happy Monday to you all!


Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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