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    She did Teaching Textbooks Pre Algebra in grade 9, started Alg 1 last year and is still just struggling to begin the 2nd half this year. We also made the big mistake of buying Masterbooks Chemistry (nothing against MB!) this year. I was not very smart and didn’t realize how much math she would need for that. So there isn’t much understanding or enjoyment in the Chemistry. She did Apologia Biology last year and LOVED it. She did excellent.

    I don’t know where to go from here. She is possibly interested in going to the community college after graduating. She already teaches piano, loves graphics design & video editing, and photography.

    I sent her links to look at the Key To Algebra series and Life of Fred Algebra 1. I don’t have a lot of money at this point to spend on new material, but I want to get her something that will help her progress and enjoy it!


    Thank you for any advice! She is my oldest of 5 and unfortunately, the one I will learn a lot from the hard way. 🙁


    I could have written this post.  My DD is in the same grade and has many of the same interests (and is also the oldest of 5).  We are also in Algebra.  In our state Algebra and geometry are required for graduation, so I’m a bit worried about getting those credits, and I don’t like to move on without her understanding the concepts.  She needs tons of review, which I discovered late in her homeschool journey.  Just knowing that has been a help and made it easier to work with her.

    I believe Chemistry is supposed to be done alongside Algebra II, so it would be too much.  What about something like anatomy? Or astronomy?  Maybe you could find a used copy of another Apologia course?  I think they have a Marine Biology book.


    We are using MUS at the moment, which doesn’t have much review, so I will have to work around it.

    Participant helped my son with algebra.

    We switched to Videotext for algebra and geometry. Not cheap, but I bought it used. The way concepts are explained works well for my teens.

    For chemistry my son used Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum.

    My daughter is using Highschool Physical Science in Your Home. Next year we will use the chemistry. She researches questions instead of traditional format.

    My next one will use Friendly Chemistry because she is a chef.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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