The Early Years Links and Tips

The Early Years--A Charlotte Mason Preschool Handbook book cover

The Bonus Features below are related to our book The Early Years.

Be sure to check back here from time to time. We will be adding new and updated resources related to the book as we get them.


Research that Supports Charlotte’s Approach to the Early Years

More on the Chief Duty of Parents

  • Masterly Inactivity—Practical, short articles that demonstrate the prerequisites and benefits of “wise letting alone.”
  • Education Is—An easy-to-read introduction to the three components of a Charlotte Mason education.
  • Swedish Drill Teacher—If you’re curious what Swedish Drill was like, this book will give you the concepts and illustrations.
  • Swedish Drill article—Here is a short overview to give you an idea of Swedish Drill.

Help with Habit Training

  • Laying Down the Rails workshop—The quick-start workshop that gives you the main principles of habit training, as well as many practical how-to’s.
  • Laying Down the Rails book—The complete reference book that presents and organizes the 50+ habits that Charlotte Mason wrote about, including her tips on replacing bad habits with good habits.
  • Habits forum—Chat with other moms who are seeking to instill good habits in their children.

More about a Personal Acquaintance with Nature

More Information on Froebel and His Kindergarten

  • The Original Kindergarten—Learn more about the type of environment Froebel originally had in mind for preschoolers and see samples of some of Froebel’s Gifts.

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