CM Organizer Tour

Welcome to a video tour of the CM Organizer—the first online planner designed specifically for Charlotte Mason method homeschoolers! These videos will take you through the basics of using the CM Organizer.

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CM Organizer Overview

We’ll start with a big picture overview of how the CM Organizer works, then cover specific features in separate videos.

Resource Scheduler

The Resource Scheduler is used to select books or other resources and assign them to your students. It’s that easy! This video shows you how this part of the CM Organizer works.

Daily Plan

Track your progress at your own pace in the Daily Plan section of the CM Organizer. See how in this video.

More Daily Plan Features

Here are even more great features of the Daily Plan section of the CM Organizer.

CM Organizer Reports

This walkthrough of the reports feature will show you how to quickly create comprehensive reports of all your students’ work.

Adding a Resource

The CM Bookfinder already has thousands of living books’ details entered for you. Here’s how to add any other books or resources that you might want to use.

Sharing Resources with the CM Organizer

CM Organizer subscribers can share resources with other users. This video shows how to share a resource, and how to decide when to edit or copy a resource when making changes.

Special Resources

Want to know how to schedule things like picture study, nature study, poetry, sports, music, or even chores into the CM Organizer? Here are a few handy tricks you can do with those special resources.

Try the CM Organizer Yourself

We hope you have enjoyed these video tours of the CM Organizer. We encourage you to give the Organizer a try for yourself and see how it can save you time and help you stay organized in your CM homeschool. Start your free Basic account today!

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