All-Day Charlotte Mason and Books & Things Seminar Group Video Showing

While we no longer publish the All-Day Charlotte Mason Seminar and Books & Things Seminar DVD sets, we are happy to continue to provide notebooks for those who already own those DVD sets and want to share them with a group.

What You Will Need

You’ll need either the All-Day Charlotte Mason Seminar or Books & Things Seminar DVDs. To obtain public performance rights, you will need to purchase one All-Day Charlotte Mason Seminar or Books & Things Seminar notebook for each participant. Notebooks are $8 each. If you purchase 10 or more notebooks in the same order, a 10% bulk order discount will be applied automatically during checkout.

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      Hosting Tips

      • Order Extra Notebooks.

        Quite often someone will ask at the last minute to be included in the event day. If you order a couple of extra notebooks, you will be able to welcome that last-minute guest graciously and provide her with her own notebook.

      • Think Flexible Scheduling.

        You don’t have to fit the whole event into one day. For example, you could take several evenings to watch the various sessions. You might watch one Session per evening and discuss it.

        Another possibility would be to schedule several showings to several small groups. If only a handful of guests can come on a certain day, you might arrange to show the entire DVD Seminar on several days to try to accommodate varying schedules.

        Or you could simply host one all-day event. We’ve found that a schedule something like the one below works well for an all-day event.

        8:30—Doors Open
        9:00–9:15—Welcome, Overview of Day’s Events, Introductions
        9:15–10:00—Session 1 with Q&A or Discussion
        10:30–12:00—Session 2 with Q&A or Discussion
        1:00–2:30—Session 3 with Q&A or Discussion
        3:00–4:00—Session 4 with Q&A or Discussion

      • Provide a Comfortable Setting.

        If you think through these details ahead of time, your guests will be able to concentrate on the seminar.

        • Chairs—Comfortable, full-size chairs work best. Remember, you will all be sitting on these chairs for several hours.
        • Room temperature—Try to keep the room at a comfortable temperature. If you see some women fanning themselves or removing their sweaters, adjust the temperature as needed.
        • Seeing and hearing—Make sure everyone in the room is able to see the screen and hear the DVD.
        • Adequate restroom facilities—If you have several women at your event, the restroom will get a workout during the break times. Make sure you have adequate facilities for the number of your guests. Check the restroom often to make sure it is well-stocked with hand towels and toilet paper.
        • Refreshments—Provide cold bottled water for your guests. They will appreciate your thoughtfulness. If you would like to do more, feel free to share other beverages or snacks too. Coffee, tea, fruit, doughnuts, trail mix—the possibilities are endless.
      • Have Fun!

        We have found that when several homeschool moms get together, creativity abounds! So use your imagination to make your event something that you and your guests will enjoy. We know of one group of ladies who each brought a dish for a Mexican fiesta lunch!

        Do whatever will refresh and rejuvenate. We all need times of energizing. And a DVD event can be just the event to stir up some new ideas, share some new possibilities, and introduce some new friends. Have fun!

      Share the Fun

      We would love to hear about your DVD event! Feel free to leave comments and post photos on our SCM Facebook page for all to enjoy.