Host Your Own Charlotte Mason Event on DVD

Host your own DVD Charlotte Mason event in your area. It’s easy!

Maybe you live in an area where we haven’t scheduled an event yet. Or perhaps you would just like to share some good Charlotte Mason homeschooling help with your friends or local group.

Now you can host your own event on DVD. We supply notebooks for each person, a suggested schedule, ideas and tips, and public showing permission—everything you need. Well, except the snacks.

Here’s how it works.

Step 1: Choose a day, or series of evenings, that will work best for your group.

Step 2: Choose a location that will be comfortable and have the equipment to play the DVDs.

Step 3: Let everyone know about the event and how they can sign up for it.

Step 4: Collect payment from everyone who has signed up to come. (Remember to charge a little extra to cover shipping and any other expenses you might have.)

Step 5: Order your materials from SCM. Try to allow at least ten days for processing and shipping. We want to make sure your seminar materials get to you in plenty of time for your event!

It’s that easy to enjoy your own DVD event with friends!

Choose from the DVDs below

Laying Down the Rails

Laying Down the Rails Workshop DVD
Discover the secret to smooth and easy days: habit training. Learn how to instill good habits, which habits Charlotte Mason encouraged parents to cultivate in their children, and practical tips for cultivating the Top Three.

Enjoying the Early Years

Enjoying the Early Years cover
Discover how to create a quiet growing time for your preschooler. This 2-disc DVD set, recorded at a live workshop, outlines practical ideas for instilling good habits, nurturing your child’s heart and mind, and teaching him or her how to read.

Learning and Living: Homeschooling the Charlotte Mason Way

Learning and Living Box Front
Learning and Living: Homeschooling the Charlotte Mason Way brings you practical help and lots of encouragement for your children’s education. This 12-DVD set is designed to equip you with the knowledge and confidence you need to teach your children the Charlotte Mason way—all the way through high school.

All-Day Charlotte Mason Seminar

All-Day Charlotte Mason Seminar DVDs and book

Gain confidence to teach your children with the Charlotte Mason Method! Through this seminar you will learn how to teach each school subject the Charlotte Mason way.

Books & Things Seminar

Books and Things Seminar 4-DVD set and Seminar Notebook
Learn how to simplify your home school. This seminar takes a close look at how good living books and the things around us help our children form personal relations and emotional bonds. And those bonds are what makes learning stick.

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