We Give Thanks to God Always for You All


When we started Simply Charlotte Mason several years ago, we asked the Lord to make our efforts a blessing to the families He would bring our way. But we never realized how much the families He brought our way would bless us in return!

You are an encouragement and a blessing in our lives, and “we give thanks to God always for you all, making mention of you in our prayers” (1 Thessalonians 1:2).

Every time you drop us a note, send us an e-mail, or chat with us at a live event, our hearts are filled with gratitude to God for providing a way to meet like-minded friends across the world.

And we want you to know that we do make “mention of you in our prayers.” We pray regularly for those who come to our site looking for help and encouragement. We pray for those who receive and read these posts. The SCM Forum has grown into such a nurturing, friendly, and God-honoring corner of the Internet, and we’re so glad that you share your prayer requests there. We count it a privilege to hear about what God is doing in your lives and join with you in prayer.

So we couldn’t let this Thanksgiving season pass without letting you know that we thank God for you all—for the SCM community that He has put together.

Recent SCM Forum Discussions

Speaking of the SCM forum, here are some recent discussions that might be helpful to you. If you’re not already a part of this wonderful online community we encourage you to join us.

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  • Several good books for Mom have been recommended about God’s Calling for Women, along with a great Bible study idea.
  • On the History Help discussion, we’ve been talking about using the history modules on our SCM Curriculum Guide and combining our children for that subject.
  • Get some ideas for Christmas Books & Movies from this discussion, and feel free to add your favorite suggestions too.