Free Shipping December

“Something old and something new.” Isn’t that how the rhyme goes? I know it is usually used in a wedding context, but those phrases keep coming to mind because we have two exciting announcements to make. Both of which will save you money.

First, something old.

We’re bringing back an old friend for the month of December. For the past couple of years we have been able to offer free shipping on qualifying orders during that month. We’re happy to announce that popular deal is back for December 2016.

On December 1–31 all U.S. orders over $75 will receive free standard shipping. Use the coupon code DECEMBER when you check out and select the Free Shipping option.

And, something new.

From time to time we come across slightly damaged SCM resources. These may be items that have received bumps and scuff marks in shipment or maybe have a bent or creased cover from being handled as a display copy. We refuse to sell them for regular price, but we hate to just recycle them.

So we are excited to announce the launch of a Scratch and Dent page in our online bookstore. Now you can go bargain hunting, if you’ve a mind to, and save up to 20% on items with minor cosmetic defects.

You never know what items you might find on the Scratch and Dent page. We will update it periodically as items become available.

But you need to remember two things about those reduced resources: they are first come, first served, and there are no refunds or returns on Scratch and Dent items.

We hope you will find our something old and something new to be a blessing—the old favorite of free shipping on qualifying orders in December and the new Scratch and Dent page!


  1. Sounds great but very sad we cannot share in your “free shipping” offer. We in South Africa. I am still very thankful for all the freebies you offer. Thankful. Mari

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