Simply Charlotte Mason is delighted to announce three new resources to help you teach modern history in a living way! The new books cover people and events from 1850 to the present day—both American history and world history.

Over the years I’ve discovered that the modern time period is one of the most difficult to find good living resources for; in particular, a good living spine book that will tell the stories of the time period and provide a continuous thread to which you may add biographies and other great living books. So I’m especially excited about Stories of America, Volume 2, and Stories of the Nations, Volume 2. With these two collections of living stories and the year’s worth of daily lesson plans in Modern Times, Epistles & Revelation, you’ll be well on your way to covering modern history simply and easily in a living CM way.

Stories of America, Volume 2

We’ve heard from so many of you who have enjoyed Stories of America, Volume 1. And now Volume 2 is available with the same charm of style and easy-to-picture narrative approach. Plus, we’re happy to announce that Volume 2 includes chapters from CM homeschoolers who have a passion for the historical events they wrote about.

Stories of America, Volume 2, covers the Oregon Trail, the Civil War, America’s role in the World Wars, the Great Depression, the Cold War, the first men on the moon, the Civil Rights Movement, September 11, the Information Age, and so much in between. The content and style is appropriate for younger students and interesting to older students, so you can use this book as a spine for the whole family. As in Volume 1, well-loved patriotic poetry by American poets is included along with helpful maps.

Download the free sample to see the complete Table of Contents and to read several chapters of Stories of America, Volume 2.

Stories of the Nations, Volume 2

Stories of the Nations, Volume 2, weaves pictures of major people and events that were happening in various nations around the world during 1850 to present day. This thoroughly enjoyable book was written by Lorene Lambert in a classic living book style and includes the stories of the Suez Canal, the Eiffel Tower, North Pole explorations, Alfred Nobel, Marie Curie, Albert Einstein, the two World Wars, climbing Mount Everest, Sputnik, the Berlin Wall, the Channel Tunnel, and lots more in between. It too is completely appropriate for younger students and will prove interesting for older students. Makes a great living spine book for world history!

Download the free sample to see the complete Table of Contents and to read several chapters of Stories of the Nations, Volume 2.

Modern Times, Epistles & Revelation

As we have discovered good living books for the modern history time period, we have updated our booklist for that history module on our free Curriculum Guide. Now, with the release of Modern Times, Epistles & Revelation, daily lesson plans are available to walk you through that list and a year of modern history, geography, and Bible in a Charlotte Mason way. The helpful overview charts will show you how each book fits into the big picture, and the lesson plans will detail what to read and when for all the grade levels. Plus, Book of Centuries dates are provided and helpful reminders are inserted to alert you when you will need to get the next book ready.

As with the Early Modern & Epistles lesson plans handbook, the week is set up for two days of American history and two days of world history, so those of you who live outside the U. S. can easily substitute your own country’s history on those two days per week.

Download the free sample to see the complete booklist, the overview chart for Term 1, and the first few lessons of Modern Times, Epistles & Revelation.

We hope that Stories of America, Stories of the Nations, and the Modern Times, Epistles & Revelation books will be just what you need to enjoy a year of study in modern times. Take a look at the free samples and order your copies today.