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Homeschool language arts

Copywork, Transcription, Dictation: Language Arts, part 7

In studying to put together our new book, Hearing and Reading, Telling and Writing: A Charlotte Mason Language Arts Handbook, I was once again amazed at the way Charlotte could take a simple idea and pack it full of benefits. Take copywork, transcription, and dictation, for examples. Each of those methods is pretty simple to […]

Homeschool spelling with prepared dictation

Homeschool Spelling the Charlotte Mason Way

Charlotte Mason had a knack for keeping school interesting. Not only did she include a variety of subjects, but she taught those subjects with enjoyable (and effective) methods. Take the subject of spelling, for example. Most of us were taught spelling with lists of words. Charlotte realized that lists have drawbacks: they aren’t interesting and […]

Transition to CM Stage 3

Transition to CM, Stage 3: Check Up

We hope the steps outlined in Stages 1 and 2 have been helpful as you make the transition to the Charlotte Mason Method. By the time you are ready to move on, you should be feeling pretty comfortable with the changes you and your children have made. Stage 3 is the time to check your […]

Transition to CM Stage 2

Transition to CM, Stage 2: Once a Week

Once you feel comfortable with The Basics described in last week’s post, you can easily add one more CM method per week. Each of the methods listed below can be done once a week—Fine Arts (Picture Study, Music Study, Poetry), Nature Study, Book of Centuries, Dictation. Simply choose one of them to add to your […]

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