Romans Bible Study for Grades 7-12

Foundations in Romans: A Romans Bible Study

One of my goals for my older students is to teach them how to perform various types of Bible studies, like character studies or topical studies. So I try to incorporate that goal in our history and Bible study each year.

If you use our family study handbooks, you’ll see those Bible studies listed in the lesson plans for grades 7–12.

In the Genesis through Deuteronomy & Ancient Egypt handbook, the older students compose character studies of the four main men in the book of Genesis. And using Jashub’s Journal, they learn about God’s Law and how it applied to ancient society.

The Joshua through Malachi & Ancient Greece handbook incorporates our Wisdom for Life: A Proverbs Bible Study, which walks students through doing a topical study. They pick a topic and look for all the verses that talk about that topic, then narrate their findings each month of the school year.

New Romans Bible Study

Today we’re pleased to announce the latest in our Bible study collection, Foundations in Romans: A Romans Bible Study. This year-long study teaches the older students how to do a Bible book study. It introduces the components of an inductive study in a gradual and conversational way. Plus, it points out correlations between Paul’s letter and ancient Roman culture.

Your students will read through the book of Romans chapter by chapter, identifying main ideas, defining key words, narrating each paragraph, and more. If you are using the Matthew through Acts & Ancient Rome handbook, this is the Bible study recommended for older students in those lesson plans.

Download your free sample of Foundations in Romans: A Romans Bible Study today.

New Series Next Week

Next week we will begin our new series on how the Charlotte Mason method compares to four other main methods of homeschooling: traditional, classical, unit studies, unschooling. We hope this information will be helpful as you make plans for another year of studies.

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  1. Although my plans are all set for the next school year, I look forward to the new series. I have met a few unschoolers through blogging, and a few people I know are moving toward the classical approach. So, I’ll be interested to hear more about those methods in particular. I hope there will be an interesting discussion.

    Thank you Sonya for all you do! You are so wonderful!

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