Ready-Made Schedules

Someone recently asked if she could come to my (Sonya’s) house and be a fly on the wall for a day or two. While I certainly don’t mind having company, what this mom really wanted was help figuring out how to fit everything into a day of schooling. She wanted to see how I scheduled my subjects each week and how I juggled things during a “typical” day.

So we’ve posted some sample daily and weekly schedules. The weekly schedules give you some idea of a “typical” way to fit subjects into each week, as well as tweaks on the typical to keep things fresh and add variety every few months. There’s also a blank schedule with guidelines to help you create your own weekly schedule. (It’s not that hard!)

The daily schedules are quite flexible and give ideas of how to save time by combining all the students for as many subjects as possible and how to keep preschoolers occupied, if needed.

Now, we all know that there’s really no such thing as a “typical” week or day when you’re homeschooling, but hopefully, having some ready-made schedules will help bring a little organization to those non-typical days.

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