Nature Study Bonus Features

Our children love to make their own movies and explore the various aspects of filmmaking. They have found that the bonus features on movie DVDs offer many insights about how films are made that they can try to emulate. Those little extras can add a lot!

As we wrap up this series, we wanted to make sure you know about the Bonus Features page we’ve put together for nature study.

On this special page, you’ll find lots of little extras!

  • More information on nature projects, like raising butterflies, and ideas for attracting birds to your yard
  • Links to helpful nature Web sites about insects, birds, astronomy, weather, and geology
  • Links to out-of-print books Charlotte recommended that are mentioned in our new Hours in the Out-of-Doors: A Charlotte Mason Nature Study Handbook
  • Links to great modern nature books, notebooking pages, and magazines
  • Links to some nature artists’ Web sites — to inspire you in your nature notebooking skills
  • Links to some photographic nature diaries — to give you some ideas and encourage in-depth observation

By the way, we’ve created a Bonus Features page for most of the books we’ve published. There is some great information on those pages so we encourage you to check them all out. And remember to come back to them now and then because we add new information as we run across it.

Enjoy those little extras!

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