Encouragement Conference

Sonya Shafer speaking

Encouragement. We all need it. Sometimes more than we know.

When you’re first starting to learn about Charlotte Mason methods and everything is new, encouragement can assure your heart and give you confidence to keep moving in the right direction. “That’s right! You’re doing well! Keep going!”

When you’ve been implementing Charlotte’s methods for a while and feel the need to fine tune your practices in one or two subjects, encouragement mixed with instruction can supply that boost and re-energize your efforts. “Here’s an idea! Have you thought about approaching it this way?”

When you’re comfortable and confident with Charlotte’s methods, encouragement can come in the form of a kindred spirit—another CM mom who is walking the same leg of the journey and shares the same passions as you do. “What fun! We quote Shakespeare at meals too!”

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  1. Oh, I’m so sad!!! I used to live right off of Evergreen Mills Rd in Leesburg. I miss is terribly : ( I so wish I was there so I could attend. Leesburg is absolutely beautiful! It will be a wonderful time.

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