Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival: Education Is a Discipline, Vol. 1

The Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival

My heart is full. My mind is revving. My face is smiling.

You see, I just finished reading the posts listed below. What a treat! They are a wonderful mixture of personal encouragement, humble challenges, and practical ideas.

First are the posts on this issue’s theme: Education is a Discipline. But since we are Charlotte Mason educators, we believe in a broad curricula, so several Other Timely Topics are included as well.


Education Is a Discipline

Education is a discipline. By this formula we mean the discipline of habits formed definitely and thoughtfully whether habits of mind or of body (Vol. 6, p. 99).

First, Lanaya gently reminds us that Steady Progress on a Careful Plan will produce desired results in habit training.

Then Barb shares Four Habits that Have Made a Difference in her home, some nurtured in herself and some developed in her children.

In Cultivating Habits – thoughts on obedience, Katie reminds us that “attention and truthfulness can be reined in more successfully with obedience as your ally.”

And Nadene gives great practical advice that follows in the footsteps of Charlotte in Just this 1 Thing!

Alisha ponders the “disciple” part of discipline and Charlotte’s statement that “Mothers and fathers do not well to forget that their children are, by the very order of Nature, their disciples” in Little Disciples.

Next, Kay encourages us to “never give in and never give up” on habit training. Teach them to obey reminds us of the benefit and loving motive behind instilling the habit of immediate obedience.

Dorla applies the discipline of habits to piano practice in Music Requires Discipline. Well said, Dorla! Discipline brings freedom!

Richele’s post on the habit of Neatness and Order – the Paper Clutter Cure hit home as I looked around at my hodge-podge work space. What a wonderful reminder and example of not just putting things where they belong, but as Charlotte encouraged us, providing a suitable place that will give “a good effect; in fact, taste comes into play.”

Melissa combines so many great quotations as she challenges us to cultivate within ourselves a habit of worship as a lifestyle in Worshiping in the grocery store. Yes and amen.

And here at Simply Charlotte Mason, we invite you to download the free book Smooth and Easy Days filled with Charlotte’s common-sense ideas and practical wisdom for habit training.

Gina, also, is working on her own habits even as she seeks to instill them in her children in Working on my Habits.

Other Timely CM Topics

Makita shares how “Education in our home is as instinctive as breathing” in Education Is an Atmosphere.

And Nancy gives a great example of one benefit of a broad education as explained by Charlotte Mason in Bent Leather, Part 1.

I think Tatiana hit on a great idea for spring nature study with her Spring Photo Essay Assignment.

Now here is one of those, “Why didn’t I ever think of that before?” posts with great instructions on How to make a maze. Thanks, Rachel!

If you haven’t seen the Handbook of Nature Study blog, you’ve missed a real CM treat! Take a look at the latest encouragement to get outside and get familiar with God’s creation around you: Family Mammal Study – Unexpected Deer and Our Usual Squirrels.

Pamela humorously reminds us why a good narrator is so important for audio books in Sing Song Story of the World. I must admit to chuckling as I read.

Homeschooling or School-At-Home? is a great testimony of how Lecia’s view of home education changed when she discovered Charlotte Mason.

Gina has created a lovely mix of photographs of young children enjoying and discovering in the out-of-doors with Charlotte’s encouraging preschool and nature study quotes in Preschool. Refreshing!

And Jamie reflects on why she chose the Charlotte Mason method and how the emphasis on lifelong learning continues to draw her in Why Charlotte Mason?

Thank you to all who shared their thoughts, lives, and ideas in this issue of the CM Blog Carnival. Our lives are richer for having read your posts!

The Next CM Blog Carnival

The next Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival will be held on April 5 and focus on the topic Education Is a Life. You are welcome to submit your blog article using the carnival submission form. The optional Suggested Reading for the next carnival is Volume 3, School Education, pages 152–156, and Volume 6, A Philosophy of Education, pages 104–111.

Amy is doing a great job of coordinating the carnivals. She has a lot of helpful information, as well as a list of upcoming topics, on her blog at Fisher Academy. Feel free to pop over there with any questions.


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