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Core Values of Charlotte Mason Method Authority Obedience

Authority and Obedience: Core Values of Charlotte Mason

Charlotte Mason had a very balanced view of authority and obedience. Let’s talk about it. We have begun a tour, looking at the core values that Charlotte Mason educators hold dear. These are the guiding principles upon which Charlotte built her whole educational approach; and if we can get a firm grasp on these values, […]

Learning While Teaching with the Charlotte Mason Method

Learning As You Homeschool with Charlotte Mason

Let me tell you, most Charlotte Mason homeschoolers are learning as we go. Sometimes we look at other Charlotte Mason homeschoolers around us and we think, “Wow, look at everything they know.” We think they’ve always known about the artists and the composers and the nature and the handicrafts, but that’s not the case. Let […]

The Place of Fun in Charlotte Mason Method Homeschool

Your Questions Answered: The Place of Fun in a Charlotte Mason Education

Today we want to talk about fun in Charlotte Mason. Laura Pitney is here to join me in this discussion. Sonya: Laura, the question we received was from a mom who was changing curriculum. She was switching from a different method to a Charlotte Mason curriculum, but she said she was going to miss all […]

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