3 New Workshop Recordings to Equip and Encourage Homeschool Moms

Sonya Shafer homeschool workshop recording CDsThis spring and summer have been chock full of homeschool conventions, and I have enjoyed many lovely opportunities to present workshops. It has been a blessing and a privilege to share ideas from my experience as a Charlotte Mason-style homeschool mom and from my heart as a mother of a special needs child.

As much as we would love to meet and encourage all of you, it is impossible for us to visit every homeschool conference, book fair, and convention across the country. So we are happy to be able to make available to you today some of the workshops I presented this year. One of our key goals at Simply Charlotte Mason is to help you keep things simple and to encourage you along the way. We hope these workshops will do just that.

Language Arts the Charlotte Mason Way

If there is one school subject that we get the most questions on, it’s language arts. No contest. It seems that language arts is like some nebulous cloud of skills, facts, and information that we all know we’re required to teach but we’re not quite sure if we’ve got it covered.

Language Arts the Charlotte Mason Way outlines exactly what is included in language arts and breaks down those skills into grade levels, so you can see just what to teach and when in a Charlotte Mason-style language arts program.

The free handout that comes with this workshop gives you a simple chart that you can refer to again and again to boost your confidence that you’ve got this language arts thing covered.

Lessons from the Valley

Nine years ago, when I diagnosed my youngest daughter with autism, I felt like I entered a spiritual valley. But the Lord graciously walked with me through that valley and encouraged me every step of the way, even as five ugly giants reared their heads: fear, faltering faith, uncertainty, guilt, and self-pity.

This workshop shares the hope that the Lord gave me through the truth of His Word to help me conquer those giants. My prayer is that these truths will also encourage you in your valley. It may look different from mine, but the giants are probably similar.

We are pleased to provide Lessons from the Valley as a free download with the prayer that the God Who gives encouragement and endurance will use it to strengthen your faith in Him. A CD version is available for purchase if you prefer that format or would like a convenient copy to pass along to encourage someone else.

Spelling and Handwriting Wisdom

Charlotte Mason had such wonderful methods! She was able to keep children motivated and interested even when teaching handwriting and spelling.

Learn how to teach handwriting and spelling in a pleasant, effective way in Spelling and Handwriting Wisdom. The free handout that comes with this workshop will give you an opportunity to practice the methods Charlotte used and gain confidence in the details of this great approach.

We hope these three workshops will equip you and encourage you as you educate your precious children.

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  1. Sonya- Thank you so much for your generosity as always for giving us so many free helpful items….Lessons from the Valley was exactly what I needed to hear today. I too have a special needs child, and I have been through the same Valley. It sometimes feels like Jesus is far away, although I know He’s not, during these times. Lessons from the Valley really ministered to my heart and reminded me that He has me by the hand and is leading me. Many, many blessings for all you do for so many of us homeschool moms!

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