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Our friends just made a 12-hour drive across four states with their four children. They listened to audiobooks on the trip.

Another friend spends hours in her van each day, dropping off and picking up her oldest daughter in their faithful pursuit to develop her talents. They listen to a lot of audiobooks along the way.

Another friend has a child who struggles with reading. She regularly looks for books that are available in printed and audio, so he can listen and follow along at the same time.

Audiobooks can be a great tool for homeschoolers! And we are happy to announce the release of three new audiobooks from Simply Charlotte Mason, available on CD or as an MP3 electronic download.

Ancient Egypt and Neighbors audiobook cover

Ancient Egypt and Her Neighbors—With this captivating narrative, you will explore all that made Egypt famous: her powerful pharaohs; the mystery of her hieroglyphs; her unique art, pervading religion, and towering pyramids. But you will also discover the stories of her neighbors, far and near, as you read about the secrets of a chalk horse and giant stones in Great Britain, the puzzle of a vanished people in the Indus Valley, the charging bull that the Ancient Minoans could not leap over, why writing on turtle shells assured a lasting dynasty in Ancient China, and much more.

Boy of the Pyramids audiobook cover

Boy of the Pyramids—At any time and in any place, when there is a mystery to be solved, a ten-year-old boy will want to have a hand in it. So it was with Kaffe, an Egyptian boy of long ago. With his friend Sari, a slave-girl, Kaffe had many adventures—the harvest feast, the fight of the bulls, the flood. Then came the mystery of the pyramid’s missing jewels and a dark night when Kaffe, his father, and Sari set out to catch the thief.

The Story of Thomas A. Edison audiobook

The Story of Thomas A. Edison— Read the story of one of the most influential inventors who ever lived! The Story of Thomas A. Edison paints a living picture of Edison and his unique ideas in a narrative that follows his life from “train boy” to newspaper publisher to telegraph operator to world-famous inventor.

Whether teaching in the van, helping a struggling reader, or just saving Mom’s voice, audiobooks are a helpful addition to your home library. We hope you will get many hours of enjoyment and learning from these three great living audiobooks!

Plus a Science Audiobook

Along with the three new audiobooks, we also have the delightful living nature book, Outdoor Secrets, available in audio format.

Learn the secrets that may be hiding in your own backyard:

  • Where does the apple blossom go?
  • Of what use is an earthworm?
  • How can a golden-rod save a person’s life?
  • What message might a robin bring?
  • Why should a cherry-tree grow in every direction?
  • What good does the March wind do?
  • And more . . .

Along with these secrets come simple life lessons woven into the living stories—gentle lessons about respecting others, working hard, and being patient. Originally published in 1903, Outdoor Secrets is a great addition to any home where nature is welcome!

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  1. I’ve been watching and waiting for audiobooks from SCM. I’m purchasing these right now! Thanks, SCM.

    It really helps when some of the books, esp. the family books, are on audio. It means I get to eat lunch instead of read!

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