Month November 2019

Chat with Pam Barnhill

A Chat with Pam Barnhill

My friend Pam Barnhill stopped by today and she sat down to have a little chat with us. Some of you might know her from her popular podcast, Homeschool Solutions. Sonya: Pam, thanks so much for joining us today. Pam:…

Charlotte Mason Early Modern History Living Books Grades 7-9

Favorite Early Modern Books for Grades 7–9

I love being surrounded by great books! My father recently made me two more bookcases, so I’ve been happily reshuffling and reorganizing my collection of history and literature books. That’s one of my favorite tasks: handling and organizing my books.…

Strengthen Willpower Charlotte Mason Method Habits

3 Ways to Develop Willpower

Right off the bat, some of you may be thinking, “Strengthen my child’s will? I don’t need to strengthen it. He’s a strong-willed child already!” And that may be the case, but don’t jump to any conclusions. You might want…