Keeping Your Balance calendar year edition

My husband and I used to ride tandem bicycles around Chicagoland. We would throw on our biking clothes and go for miles on the Rails to Trails paths.

During our bicycling days, I learned two very important lessons.

First, I’m most apt to lose my balance when I’m riding uphill. Those climbs can throw off my groove. If I don’t gear down far enough, I find myself stomping on the pedals and leaning from side to side. Since I’m headed uphill, I lose momentum quickly and soon the bike begins to wobble precariously.

But if I have someone else on the bike, that person can help me regain my balance and add his strength to the climb. That’s the second lesson I learned. The other person on the tandem can counter-balance my tendency to lean and help me stay upright and moving along.

Sometimes we can start to get off balance in our homeschooling, especially during the uphill parts of the journey.

Maybe we lean too far toward the Atmosphere part of education and begin to veer away from the Discipline and the Life aspects.

Or maybe we begin to focus all of our school days on reading good Books and forget to include the wonderful Things that help our children relate to the world around them.

Or perhaps we start to lose momentum because we’ve neglected to replenish our own energy supply. We’re looking head-down at the pavement and forgetting to lift our eyes to the scenery and find things to enjoy along the way.

Happily, our friend and mentor, Charlotte Mason, gave some wonderfully wise counsel that we can take along on the ride to help us keep our balance. And that is the focus of our 2018 personal calendar journal, Keeping Your Balance.

As you trek from January through December, you will come across encouraging CM-inspired monthly articles that will help you keep your balance in different aspects of your home school, your family, and your own heart.

You will find motivating weekly quotations from Charlotte to strengthen you for the next leg of the journey, plus lots of room to write your own personal notes along the way.

The year-at-a-glance calendar, monthly calendars, looking-ahead thumbnail calendars, monthly divider tabs, and two-page spread each week will keep you organized.

And you will discover lovely special touches, like areas to jot down gentle reminders, prayer requests, and titles of books you are reading.

This year take along a friend who can help you stay upright and moving forward. Take along the 2018 Simply Charlotte Mason personal calendar journal, Keeping Your Balance.

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