Archive | February, 2017

Charlotte Mason Picture Study Success

Happy Results: Melissa S’s Picture Study Story

I recently read this wonderful reminder of what it is we are endeavoring to do when we give our children a Charlotte Mason education: I desire my children to form relations with what they study—not to know meagerly “about” something but to really know something by establishing a relationship with it (A Charlotte Mason Companion […]

The Power of Combining Charlotte Mason Homeschool Methods

Use Powerful Combinations: 6 Tools for Self-Education, Part 7

Thanks for coming along on this little study that caught my attention. This whole idea of self-educating seems clearer now. We’ve looked at six tools that facilitate self-education: Read or hear literary books. Put it in your own words (narrate). Observe closely and carefully. Record your discoveries in personal notebooks. Memorize and recite. Create something […]

Self-Education through Creating

Create Something of Your Own: 6 Tools for Self-Education, Part 6

When my children were young we had a designated Craft Box. Into this box went empty paper towel tubes, clean styrofoam trays, sheets of felt on clearance at the fabric store, empty cereal boxes, paper that had been printed on one side and was no longer needed, plastic bottle caps, pictures from greeting cards, and […]

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