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Christmas Shepherds

The Shepherds at Bethlehem

Sometimes a turn of phrase can bring a fresh perspective on the familiar. That is what Charlotte Mason’s poetry has done for me this season. Ponder, for a moment, these descriptions of the shepherds’ experience on the night of Christ’s birth: “The stillness seemed to them portentous . . .” “The whispered hope afloat among […]

Charlotte Mason homeschooling favorites for 2013

Favorite Posts from 2013

As we near the end of the year, it’s fun and interesting to look at summaries in different areas of life. We run financial reports to summarize how we spent our money during the year and are sometimes astonished to discover in which categories we spent the largest amounts. We run summaries on social media […]

Sonya Shafer speaking

Encouragement Conference

Encouragement. We all need it. Sometimes more than we know. When you’re first starting to learn about Charlotte Mason methods and everything is new, encouragement can assure your heart and give you confidence to keep moving in the right direction. “That’s right! You’re doing well! Keep going!” When you’ve been implementing Charlotte’s methods for a […]

Reading together

Reading for the Pleasure of Others, Part 5

Reading aloud well is an art form and a skill that we would do well to practice, especially those of us who use the Charlotte Mason approach for homeschooling. Reading aloud holds a prominent place in Charlotte’s methods; it rests with us to make that time a pleasure for our listeners. That’s why we have […]

Handicrafts Made Simple: Woodworking

New Woodworking Handicrafts DVD

As I sit at my desk, I can see so many pieces of furniture that my father has crafted from wood for our family: four beautiful bookcases that stretch to the ceiling and hold much of my precious library; a shelving unit with adjustable shelves, originally created for one daughter’s special toys and now holding […]

A Growing Time Calendar Journal

A Calendar and a Reminder That Children Are Not Carrots

First, the calendar. Each year SCM publishes a specially-themed calendar in two versions: a school-year version (July through June) and a calendar-year version (January through December). We’re happy to announce that the 2014 Calendar Journal, A Growing Time, calendar-year version, is now ready! This calendar journal is now out of print. This handy calendar will […]

Homeschool boy and mom

Simple and Effective

Sometimes we make things harder than they need to be. Take writing this blog, for instance. I started the process several times this morning, deliberating, pondering, debating over how best to communicate what I’ve been thinking and feeling. I must have written and rewritten five different introductions before I decided to simply state it outright. […]

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