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A Gift for You

Next week the children and I will recite together Luke 2:1–20. It’s always a blessing to hear that passage read aloud, but you cannot know the thrill of hearing it recited together as a family until you have experienced it for yourself. Here’s how it came about. A couple of years ago we printed that […]

Homeschool mom getting encouraging message

Encouragement Coming Your Way

Encouragement. We all need it. We all welcome it with open arms when it comes our way. Sometimes it comes as a heartfelt reassurance: Yes, you can do this! Sometimes it appears in the form of a practical tip: This would make your life much easier! Sometimes it walks along beside us, puts an arm […]

Practical Homeschooling 2012 Reader Award

SCM Wins Seven PHS Reader Awards!

Every year Practical Homeschooling magazine hosts their much-anticipated Reader Awards for various homeschool resources. The way it works is that the magazine’s readers have an opportunity to nominate their favorite products; then once the ballot is compiled, everyone votes on the products they have used, ranking their satisfaction with those resources. We are honored to […]

Come, Lord Jesus: Lessons from Revelation Bible study

New Revelation Bible Study

We’re pleased to announce the release of our latest Bible study, written in a Charlotte Mason style that encourages the students to interact directly with Scripture. Come, Lord Jesus: Lessons from Revelation walks your whole family through the book of Revelation episode by episode, pointing them to the verses and asking them to describe or […]

Wisdom for Moms Calendar Journal

New 2012-13 Calendar Journal: Wisdom for Moms

Over the past three weeks we have pondered some wonderful gems of wisdom from Charlotte Mason. Wisdom Gem #1: “Always remember that persons matter more than things. Don’t say anything that will leave a sting.” Wisdom Gem #2: “State your theory and practice, but attack nothing. Be indignant at nothing. When people’s minds are put […]

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