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New year 2012

Favorite Posts from 2011

I think I’ve caught the bug. Not that icky respiratory bug that’s going around. I’m talking about the let’s-get-busy-and-tweak-what-needs-tweaking-so-we-can-enter-2012-ready-to-succeed bug. You know, that persistent urge to clean out closets or reorganize the kitchen cupboards. That itch to evaluate your life and adjust your daily routine. That unquenchable desire to read helpful articles and dig for […]

Hymns in Prose

“Still Better,” Hymns in Prose for Children

It always intrigues me to find out exact titles that Charlotte Mason recommended in her writings and used in her schools. Recently I came across this recommendation: Describing the best material to use for reading lessons, Charlotte said, Short fables, and such graceful, simple prose as we have in Mrs Gatty’s Parables from Nature, and, […]

Crocheting as a homeschool handicraft

Fall Handicrafts Tips and Ideas

Handicrafts and life skills are such a great way to spend cooler afternoons. And as the weather turns cold, they provide a wonderfully productive outlet for energetic minds and fingers indoors. We like to combine handicrafts with life skills because there is a natural overlap and because Charlotte’s students were expected to do house work […]

Picture Study Portfolios

3 New Picture Study Portfolios

Ever since our first three Picture Study Portfolios came out, we have been receiving enthusiastic comments about them. “I just purchased the Picture Study Portfolio featuring the works from Giotto at our homeschool conference today!! WOW!!!  These are beautiful, the colors are amazing, absolutely worth every penny. I am so excited to start picture studies […]

Sonya Shafer homeschool workshop recording CDs

3 New Workshop Recordings to Equip and Encourage Homeschool Moms

This spring and summer have been chock full of homeschool conventions, and I have enjoyed many lovely opportunities to present workshops. It has been a blessing and a privilege to share ideas from my experience as a Charlotte Mason-style homeschool mom and from my heart as a mother of a special needs child. As much […]

Mom with homeschool questions

Three Questions for the Homeschool Mother: How?

In the past couple of weeks we have looked at two very important questions for homeschool mothers: Why must the children learn? and What should they learn? Charlotte Mason believed that those questions needed definite and thoughtful answers if we would be in a position to teach our children well. “She must ask herself seriously, […]

Mom with homeschool questions

Three Questions for the Homeschool Mother: What?

It seems like What? is one of the main questions we homeschool mothers ask: What books? What math curriculum? What supplemental courses or classes? What outside activities? We spend a lot of time pondering the What as we pore over catalogs, ask for reviews from our friends, and research on the Internet into the wee […]

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