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The latest in our popular personal calendar journals, A Growing Time encourages parents to take a breather and stop trying to force growth on their own time-table. Growth will happen in the right conditions and on its own schedule. Reassuring articles, inspiring quotes, handy calendars, and plenty of room to write. Now with a laminated, more durable cover!

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Regain your perspective!

“Children learn, to grow,” stated Charlotte Mason many years ago. Most parents would agree with her. We want to see our children grow. Yet sometimes we run ourselves ragged because we forget the basic principles of growth. We spend all of our time and effort trying to force-feed learning and control growth on our own time-table.

But growth cannot be dictated. It will happen in the right conditions on its own schedule. Our job is simply to cultivate those right conditions by providing the right atmosphere, pulling the weeds, and nourishing the plant.

This year take a breather and be refreshed by some basic truths about growing:

  • The gardener’s attitude greatly affects the growing atmosphere.
  • It’s easiest to pull weeds when they are small.
  • Sometimes a weed is just a displaced plant.
  • The best food to help a mind grow is ideas.
  • Growth often occurs way down deep where we can’t see it.

This handy calendar will take you from January through December with encouraging articles, real examples, extra Charlotte Mason quotes, and plenty of room to write your personal notes. The year-at-a-glance calendar, monthly calendars, looking-ahead thumbnail calendars, monthly divider tabs, and two-page spread each week will help you stay organized. Plus, special touches—like areas to jot down gentle reminders, prayer requests, and books you are reading—will combine to help you create a keepsake journal of your year. All with a gentle Charlotte Mason touch.

Regain your perspective as you experience a growing time with Charlotte Mason!

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