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Take Your Pick: Getting Started, part 1

“So they just send you the books, and you do them at home?” I still remember the puzzled lady at the grocery store trying to wrap her mind around “homeschooling.” I’m afraid she would have been even more puzzled had I told her that I knew of at least five different approaches to homeschooling. It’s […]

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Where Do You Get Your Homeschool Advice? Getting Started, part 2

Our family has been cooking and serving some meals for large groups lately. That’s a new adventure for us—not the cooking part, the “for large groups” part. So we’ve been scouring the Internet for helpful tips, ideas, and recipes. Along the way we’ve discovered an important principle: Always know who is giving you advice. If […]

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Basic Charlotte Mason Homeschooling Skills: Getting Started, part 3

Don’t you love it when you can take just a couple of basic ideas, combine them with a couple of skills, and use them to accomplish a lot? Take sewing, for example. The basic ideas to keep in mind for general sewing are (1) allow 5/8″ from the edge of the fabric to the seam, […]

Getting started homeschooling

Hands-On Methods the CM Way: Getting Started, part 4

When I first heard about the Charlotte Mason Method, I envisioned my children and me sitting on the couch, reading wonderful books together and smiling. Well, we have done a lot of reading—and a lot of smiling—with the wonderful books. But over the years I have learned that there is much more to the Charlotte […]

Homeschooling One Step at a Time: Getting Started, part 5

When I got married, I knew how to cook exactly two dishes: canned soup over rice and macaroni and cheese from a box. (And once I forgot to drain the macaroni.) Needless to say, those first few meals required a lot of effort and thinking on my part. But the more I cooked, the easier […]

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Free Homeschool Book: Getting Started, part 6

We promised a little surprise this week and here it is: We are pleased to offer you this free book, Getting Started in Homeschooling. All the information from this Getting Started article series, plus more helpful material, is collected into this one convenient and encouraging book. Download your free copy of Getting Started in Homeschooling, […]