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A Growing Time Calendar Journal

A Calendar and a Reminder That Children Are Not Carrots

First, the calendar. Each year SCM publishes a specially-themed calendar in two versions: a school-year version (July through June) and a calendar-year version (January through December). We’re happy to announce that the 2014 Calendar Journal, A Growing Time, calendar-year version, is now ready! This handy calendar will take you from January through December with encouraging […]

Homeschool boy and mom

Simple and Effective

Sometimes we make things harder than they need to be. Take writing this blog, for instance. I started the process several times this morning, deliberating, pondering, debating over how best to communicate what I’ve been thinking and feeling. I must have written and rewritten five different introductions before I decided to simply state it outright. […]

Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival

Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival: What I Like Most About CM

Sometimes the question is asked by a newbie who is just beginning to research the different approaches to homeschooling. Other times a fellow CMer asks the question because she likes to hear more about something she enjoys too. Then again, the question might come from a veteran homeschooler who is curious about Charlotte Mason and […]

Lesson 2 from the Exhibit Hall: Recognizing vs. Knowing

As we’ve been traveling this homeschool convention season, two repeated scenarios have come to the forefront of my mind because they have reinforced basic Charlotte Mason principles. In other words, I’ve made a couple of mental connections that I’d like to share with you. Last week we talked about the first of those lessons: savoring […]

Lesson 1 from the Exhibit Hall: Savoring vs. Shoveling

As we travel to various homeschool conventions across the nation, there is much to observe, much to learn. This season I have been pondering two lessons that have been played out in the exhibit hall again and again. I’ll share one of those lessons this week and the other next week. First, the lesson of […]

Education Is Too Often Misunderstood

Have you ever listened to a debate rage—both sides championing their points in ever-louder voices and ever-longer speeches—and you suddenly realized that they’re both wrong? It’s not a matter of which of the two sides is correct; it’s a matter of neither is correct. The correct view is something totally different. They both have missed […]

It Is Not Possible to Repeat This Too Often

If you’ve been in Charlotte Mason homeschooling very long, you know the emphasis Charlotte put on doing things only once. She explained that we cultivate the habit of attention by reading the passage only once before requiring a narration. We encourage obedience by not repeating ourselves when giving a direction to a child. We dictate […]

Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival

Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival: Of Principles and a Wide Range of Knowledge

We’re happy to be hosting the Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival this week. The carnival has been pondering the 20 Principles of a CM Education over the year, and this edition of the carnival centers on #19. I love Principle 19. It contains so many nuggets of wisdom in just three short sentences. Children should be […]

Charlotte Mason homeschooling subject by subject: basic principles

Three Basic CM Principles: Subject by Subject, Part 2

Last week we started a new series in which we will be going through each school subject and discussing how to teach it in a Charlotte Mason way. We’ve already looked at giving our children a generous curriculum through a wide variety of subjects, not just the three R’s. Today we’ll look at three foundational […]